A brief history of CRM: How customer relationship management became one of the most important business software


Although today’s businesses may be focused on finding the best CRM software for their current needs, it shouldn’t blind them to the fact that whichever solution they choose is the result of decades of development. Even if their particular platform of choice is a relatively modern one, CRM can trace its roots back to at least the 1950s, when the best CRM for startups, the best CRM for small businesses, and the best sales CRM showcased their various strengths without digital technologies being invented. 

That’s right, the earliest examples of customer relationship management didn’t contain email marketing features – and the concept of the best cloud CRM was many years away. Even so, the roots of the CRM tools that many businesses rely on today for project management, productivity, and collaboration benefits can be seen in the rudimentary CRM tools of yesteryear. 


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