Dr. Sprinkler Expands Services to Los Angeles, Setting a New Standard in Sprinkler Repair Excellence


Dr. Sprinkler Expands Services to Los Angeles, Setting a New Standard in Sprinkler Repair Excellence

Los Angeles, California–(Newsfile Corp. – April 17, 2024) – Dr. Sprinkler, a leading premium sprinkler repair and installation service provider, is thrilled to announce its expansion to Los Angeles. This exciting development underscores Dr. Sprinkler’s dedication to delivering reliable solutions for their irrigation needs to homeowners and businesses.

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Dr. Sprinkler, Trusted Sprinkler Repair Experts

Dr. Sprinkler’s journey in Los Angeles began when the company’s founder recognized a pressing need for high-quality sprinkler repair services, coupled with excellent communication and follow-up. Witnessing a lack of these essential elements in the industry, Dr. Sprinkler was born, dedicated to filling this gap and revolutionizing the way sprinkler systems are installed and maintained.

“Most contractors out there are kind of a one-stop shop. They’re doing all of the phone calls, all of the emails, all of the installations everything by themselves. It’s just one guy doing it. But when people call us, they get me on the phone” said Ally, Dr. Sprinkler’s Office Manager. “I do all of the client correspondence, all of the scheduling, and the follow-up so our technicians can just focus on what they do best.”

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Properly functioning sprinkler system

Holistic Lawn Care Solutions

Beyond sprinkler systems, Dr. Sprinkler positions itself as a trusted advisor for all lawn care needs, offering expertise in water efficiency and plant watering requirements.

“What separates us from the competition is that we’re very detailed. We just don’t go out and fix sprinklers, we communicate with our clients and hear their needs, hear their wants, and not only deliver for them but also make recommendations on how they could save water” says Brett DeLuca, Owner/Operator at Dr. Sprinkler. “One thing that also separates us is being up-to-date with all the newest technology in sprinkler systems. Nowadays, there are smart timers. They connect to all the local weather stations and it knows when it’s going to rain and when it won’t. It won’t turn on the sprinklers for a few days before that and a few days after that, depending on how much rain it gets. It knows if it’s going to be too windy and it won’t turn on the sprinkler system. They know it’s going to be windy and blowing water all over sidewalks. We communicate that thoroughly with our clients and we educate them on how they could save water and ultimately save money.”

“This expansion to Los Angeles represents a significant milestone for Dr. Sprinkler,” says Brett. “We are excited to bring our expertise and dedication to homeowners and businesses in the Los Angeles area, providing them with reliable solutions for their sprinkler repair and lawn care needs.”

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Irrigation system by Dr. Sprinkler

Elevating Lawn Care Standards in Los Angeles

Dr. Sprinkler’s expansion to Los Angeles signifies a new chapter in the company’s journey toward redefining excellence in sprinkler repair and lawn care solutions. Experience the difference firsthand and elevate lawn care standards with Dr. Sprinkler. For more information, visit or call/text (714) 253-7797.

About Dr. Sprinkler

Dr. Sprinkler is a leading provider of premium sprinkler repair and installation services, dedicated to delivering unparalleled expertise, and customer satisfaction. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Dr. Sprinkler sets the standard for holistic lawn care solutions, serving homeowners and businesses across Southern California.

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