GROWERS Rewards Ag Retailers, Manufacturers Through Loyalty Program


GROWERS, a leading provider of agricultural technology to farmers, retailers, and manufacturers, has announced a significant enhancement to its platform: an innovative rewards and loyalty program. This program is designed to streamline and improve the agricultural input supply chain. Now fully integrated into the GROWERS platform, this brand-agnostic, technology-enabled rewards and incentive program, aligns the interests of farmers, retailers, and manufacturers. It promotes true loyalty and more efficient operations throughout the agricultural sector.

Taking the Complexity Out of Agriculture Rewards and Loyalty Programs

GROWERS is delivering value to the agricultural sector with a platform designed to enhance customer loyalty and increase sales for retailers and manufacturers. Our platform simplifies input procurement and offers valuable market intelligence, all seamlessly integrated without any need for additional systems. Specifically, our novel, integration-free GROWERS rewards program is transforming how rewards and incentives are managed in agriculture.

This program allows retailers to utilize incentives from aligned manufacturing partners, tailoring these rewards to meet the precise needs of their farmers. Each qualifying purchase a farmer makes earns points that accumulate in dedicated retailer reward wallets, converting directly into dollars usable in future transactions. This ensures that rewards remain within the original purchasing organization, fostering true loyalty and repeat business.

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Immediate Rewards, Enhanced Loyalty

“We’ve aimed to integrate a fully embedded rewards system into the GROWERS platform since its inception in fall 2022,” said Steven Valencsin, CEO of GROWERS. “Traditional rewards models in our industry are not only cumbersome and delayed but can sometimes be perceived by farmers as gimmicky. Farmers want straightforward pricing, and that’s exactly what GROWERS rewards supports. Our program, funded by manufacturers keen on enhancing their marketing and increasing product awareness, doesn’t interfere with their existing programs, pricing discussions, or negotiations with their retail partners.

“This ensures that retailers and farmers can still secure the best offers while also benefiting from additional rewards and incentives. Such a strategy bolsters farmer loyalty, which is vital for agricultural retail success, and aligns with data from other sectors. For example, statistics show that customers involved in loyalty programs spend up to 20% more than non-participants and 84% of customers favor businesses that offer such programs (Source: Nielsen). GROWERS rewards does more than retain customers — it significantly influences purchasing decisions and boosts sales.”

Innovative Reward System: How GROWERS Transforms Agricultural Incentives

The GROWERS rewards system introduces an innovative approach to agricultural incentives. Funded by manufacturers, incentive pools are allocated to specific products within the GROWERS platform, allowing incentives to be tailored not only to the needs of farmers but also aligned with the goals of retailers and manufacturers. Products and their associated rewards are displayed to farmers and retailers in targeted geographies, promoting localized engagement. When farmers order a product through the platform, they receive points as rewards, which are deposited into specific retailer wallets or manufacturer sub-wallets associated with the retailer who made the sale. This unique system ensures that to redeem their points, farmers must return to the same retailer, thus driving repeat business and reinforcing loyalty.

Additionally, any retailer incentives are directly disbursed from the platform according to agreements with GROWERS’ partners. This model offers several innovative benefits: it consolidates rewards from multiple manufacturers in a single digital location for easy tracking and redemption by farmers; integrates wallets and sub-wallets to foster manufacturer loyalty through their retail channels; and operates independently of existing agreements, enhancing rather than disrupting current manufacturer-retailer relationships. The GROWERS platform thus not only streamlines the rewards process but also significantly boosts the effectiveness of promotional investments in the agricultural sector.

Streamlined Administration and Stronger Partnerships

“Working with GROWERS’ system has been a game-changer for us at Locus Ag. They handle everything — from keeping track of points to making sure everyone gets paid. It’s taken a big headache off our plate and really helped us build better relationships with our retailers,” said Jason McGarrh, National Sales Manager at Locus Ag.

Impressive Early Adoption and Strategic Alignment

Since the initial rollout in Q1 2024, over 15 input manufacturing companies and 50+ agricultural retailers and cooperatives now have access to the rewards functionality in the GROWERS platform. This widespread acceptance underscores the value and effectiveness of the program in meeting the dynamic needs of the agricultural industry. “I really like how the GROWERS rewards program shows me exactly what incentives farmers are getting. It’s been fantastic for grabbing new business and boosting the relationships we already have. It gives farmers more reasons to stick with Southern States,” says Aubrey Overcash, Regional Sales Manager at Southern States Cooperative.



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