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FREDERICTON, NB, May 9, 2024 /CNW/ — Introhive, a leading Client Relationship Intelligence platform, announced the launch of its HubSpot integration, which is set to transform the way businesses manage their relationships. This native integration automates the creation and synchronization of contacts from Introhive’s platform to HubSpot within minutes, streamlining operations and enhancing marketing and business development efforts.

Introhive for HubSpot leverages configurable rules to seamlessly sync enriched contact records from corporate email systems directly into HubSpot based on the unique needs of an organization. This complete and accurate record of contacts then acts as fuel for marketing and business development initiatives in HubSpot’s Marketing and Sales Hubs. By effortlessly syncing contacts, the integration not only reduces operational costs, but also frees up resources to focus on profit-generating activities.

“In today’s competitive landscape, client relationships and relationship capital are paramount,” said Lee Blakemore, CEO of Introhive, “this new integration offers organizations a holistic view of their contacts within the HubSpot platform. By eliminating manual CRM updates, improving data quality, and enhancing CRM adoption, our platform drives marketing and sales alignment, paving the way for stronger client relationship management and revenue growth.”

Introhive’s HubSpot integration comes at a time when customer relationship management technologies are becoming indispensable tools for businesses worldwide. However, challenges such as CRM adoption and data quality persist, hindering organizations from realizing their full potential.

Up to 70% of CRM implementations fail, and according to Forrester Research, the biggest culprit for these failures can be tied to adoption and data quality issues. Introhive’s integration addresses these challenges head-on, providing businesses with a seamless solution to enhance CRM efficiency and effectiveness.

With HubSpot’s widespread adoption and Introhive’s expertise in customer intelligence software solutions, the integration marks a strategic move to serve the market at the highest level across various industries such as accounting, consulting, legal and commercial real estate.

“We’re thrilled to announce our new integration with HubSpot Marketing & Sales Hub. Our customer base has spoken, and they want the power of Introhive’s automatic capture and enrichment of contact data seamlessly incorporated into HubSpot,” said Mike Waugh, Vice President of Product Management. “This connection streamlines workflows, enhances data accuracy, and empowers businesses to engage with their leads and customers more effectively. I’m excited about the impact this integration will have on our users’ productivity and success.”

For more information about Introhive’s HubSpot integration, visit our website.

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