OneTap Loyalty: Newest, Fastest Way to Reward Customer Loyalty


Thanks to the launch of groundbreaking Australian technology, OneTap Loyalty, customers will no longer have to dig about their wallets searching for the right loyalty card under the impatient eye of other customers waiting in line.  OneTap Loyalty enables shoppers and retailers to benefit from the convenience of being able to link payment cards to loyalty programs.  The clever technology gives members of loyalty programs the ability to allow their programs to recognise their payment card ensuring that regardless of whether a shopper has their loyalty card on them when they shop, they will still receive their loyalty benefits at the point of sale.  The new technology works with any loyalty program and works no matter where or when a customer shops. 

According to Carly Neubauer, Co-Founder and Director of Elevate Loyalty, company responsible for developing and rolling out the new technology, the new platform is about to revolutionise loyalty programs across the country, ensuring that consumers get their reward points and benefits every time they shop regardless of whether they remember to use their loyalty cards or not.

“OneTap Loyalty registers a consumer’s payment card to their loyalty program so all the shopper has to do is tap and pay when shopping in the retail store or online. The payment card will detect that the shopper is part of the store’s loyalty program and award the points.

“It doesn’t matter whether you’re shopping instore or online, as long as you’ve made a transaction, you’ll instantly have your loyalty perks registered.

“And the amazing kicker in all of this is that the shopper will also receive an immediate ‘surprise and delight’ message to their phone confirming the receipt of rewards points to their account.

“The service is completely free for shoppers and easily integrated with existing retailers’ loyalty programs.”

Revolutionising loyalty rewards programs

Neubauer states that up to 50 percent of retail transactions are not attributed to customers’ loyalty accounts because shoppers don’t have their card on them or they are in too much of a hurry to go through the process at the checkout.  During seasonal periods such as the festive season and online sale campaigns such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, this figure drops to as low as 20 percent.

This means millions of dollars in loyalty benefits are not being captured and thousands of retailers are missing out on the opportunity to genuinely engage with their customers and gain better insight into their needs.   This could all be solved if a shopper’s payment card such as their credit card, automatically tells the retailer at the point of sale they are a loyalty member so benefits can be seamlessly attributed to their membership account – and this is exactly what OneTap Loyalty does.

“OneTap Loyalty removes the hurdles faced by shoppers when using loyalty programs and revolutionises the traditional approach. It transforms customer engagement for retailers. The OneTap Loyalty technology works on both new or existing member or loyalty programs and is suitable for all types of program constructs such as points, benefits, rewards or subscriptions,” Neubauer said.

“The technology instantly recognises and rewards members, which adds to the feeling of connectivity for members. And for retailers, it means that check out times are reduced because it saves the hassle of sales assistants asking customers about their rewards cards. Staff members can then focus on what they do best, which is to be there to assist customers and advise them.”

Neubauer states retailers are urgently trying to implement new and upgraded loyalty programs as  lawmakers seek to minimise how customer data can be harvested and used for digital marketing.

“While retailers are able to deliver valuable rewards programs, they are still not able to fully solve the issue of consistent compliant use by customers, especially in light of the rising trend of increased trips, lower basket sizes and an increasing propensity to shop around for value even if that means buying one or two products from different retailers just to save a few cents.  It is easy to understand why, when looking through this lens of time pressure and reduced occasion spend, that shoppers are not taking the time to scan their member card.  Once upon a time when shoppers were more inclined to undertake a big weekly shop, they took the time to pull out their member card as the spend was worth it.  Household shopping behaviours have now changed.  OneTap Loyalty solves this dilemma,” Neubauer added.

Seamless technology rewards customer loyalty

OneTap Loyalty has been developed by industry leaders.  As a result, its API (application programming interface) driven technology works seamlessly with any customer or loyalty program. In the past, both customers and businesses have suffered losses due to missed opportunities to scan loyalty cards by existing members.   Thanks to this new technology, this problem has now been solved.

“We now have a communication opportunity for shoppers to receive instant notifications and create a loyalty process that’s seamless because it’s automatically embedded in each transaction. This adds to customer and business satisfaction and is a true win-win situation,” Neubauer said.

“The important benefit of OneTap Loyalty is that the technology does not store any consumer data including payment cards.  All of this information is retained within the loyalty program.  The capability to identify the payment card at checkout is created within the loyalty program through a permission based action approved by the member.   OneTap Loyalty provides the technical capability to enable this.”

About OneTap Loyalty

OneTap Loyalty is a new digital payment solution in the Australian and New Zealand retail and loyalty market. Using OneTap Loyalty technology, users who register their payment card, usually a credit card, within their loyalty programs enable the card to become an automatic loyalty card, meaning that program members will engage with their loyalty schemes every time they put through a transaction.   Elevate Loyalty is Australia’s leading loyalty expert comprising advisory services and loyalty technology designed to enhance the retail sector’s ability to engage, grow and excel through innovative loyalty programs and customer insights.


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