Simplifying CX Survey Creation with Delighted’s AI Recommended Questions


Simplifying CX Survey Creation with Delighted's AI RecommenSimplifying CX Survey Creation with Delighted's AI Recommended Questionsded QuestionsDelighted, powered by Qualtrics AI, has announced a new feature for CX surveys – AI Recommended Questions. AI Recommended Questions feature allows survey builders to build a questionnaire based on two questions. Once you add at least two questions to the survey, Delighted’s AI Recommended Questions generates three relevant questions. The AI-generated questions serve two purposes:

First, it reduces the time to create a CX survey specifically meant for the consumer groups from a particular industry. Say, e-commerce or healthcare.

Second, it fosters an innovative methodology to experiment with longer online surveys based on the NPS methodology. NPS Methodology is based on the idea of asking only two questions to gather all the insights related to consumer feedback. However, consumers barely fill out survey forms due to poor experiences.

According to Forrester, the majority of CX surveys have a response rate ranging between two to twenty percent. Any higher than this range is a bonus for CX survey marketers! Can AI fix this problem of CX fatigue?

Yes, it can.

Customer Experience (CX) surveys have always been associated with customer retention and loyalty. But, did you know marketers face “survey fatigue” while designing a logical pathway for feedback questions that would generate a good response rate and completion score?

Delighted, a Qualtrics company, is fixing the traditional problem of surveys blamed for a broken experience with new embedded AI features. The buzz and excitement of using AI for customer experience (CX) management is driving organizations to test new ideas to collect consumer feedback. Software surveys provide a strong CX foundation across complex customer journeys. Surveys for multiple channels improve customer loyalty and retention at a fraction of the cost. With AI at the helm, software survey software like Delighted can redefine your current CX standards with a touch of personalization and agility.

Qualtrics AI empowers CX survey marketers to overcome blind spots in the traditional survey-making process. AI Recommended Questions tap into the enriched pool of data, knowledge, and expertise to create unique surveys in any language. Survey software provides an all-inclusive platform to design, send, and analyze online surveys. These could be simple questionnaires or detailed qualitative studies for CX or EX metrics.

Delighted + Qualtrics AI cloud-based survey software could revolutionize multi-channel feedback management, This AI-powered platform provides a detailed and more structured experience management framework for feedback collection and analytics across the web, mobile apps, emails, and chatbots.

How to Use AI Recommended Questions in Survey Builder?

Delighted released a blog to explain how AI Recommended Questions work in real-time during survey creation.

Step 1: Enter the Survey Creator page to generate a new survey for your campaign.

Step 2: Click on “Create from Scratch” and enter the first two questions for survey.

AI Recommended Questions_survey question -1
AI Recommended Questions_survey question -1

Step 3: Choose a response format for each question.

You can opt for Multiple Choice, Text, Numeric Scale, or Graphic Scale.

AI Recommended Questions_survey question -1 Response Format
AI Recommended Questions_survey question -1 Response Format
AI Recommended Questions_survey question -1 Response Format
AI Recommended Questions_survey question -1 Response Format
AI Recommended Questions_survey question -1 Response Format
AI Recommended Questions_survey question -1 Response Format


AI Recommended Questions_survey question -1 Response Format
AI Recommended Questions_survey question -1 Response Format


As  you can see, CX survey builders can personalize the survey format based on best standards. AI recommended questions set in once the builder provides the two questions.

Step 4: Once you have provided 2 or more questions to the survey generator, click “Recommend” — the fancy starry button that shows up at the bottom of the text editor box.

Next, voila!! you get a range of questions.

Delighted AI Recommended Questions feature

At, we will test this Delighted AI Recommended Questions for further discussions. Stay tuned for our coverage!

Chat with Director of Product, Delighted

At the time of this announcement, Delighted’s Head of Product Sean Mancillas spoke to me about the salient features of AI Recommended Questions and the future of AI in the survey software industry.

Sudipto: What new features are you planning to add to Delighted Surveys for a superior conversational experience, especially for customers in the healthcare space?

Sean: We’re continuing to build out templates for Surveys that will enable organizations across various industries and use cases to quickly adopt and deploy surveys developed with best-in-class questions and structure.

Sudipto: Have you measured the success of your new features for checking error reduction, speed of survey generation, and predictive analytics?

Sean: Following a pilot with over 100 brands, we’ve seen a 75% take rate on recommended questions (i.e. 3/4 customers that have engaged with the feature have adopted at least one of the three questions recommended to them). Across all adopted questions, less than 2% have been edited, post-adoption. These figures are an indicator of high question quality, attributed to the feature’s context awareness, which predicts and personalizes based on the type of survey being created and the brand creating it. Surveys with AI Recommended Questions are generated faster than those without, pointing to how the feature builds confidence and reduces writer’s block for first-time survey creators.

Sudipto: Your take on the future of genAI-powered CX Survey Software– what’s your roadmap for AI at Delighted for the next 12-18 months?

Sean: Our general approach to AI is to place customers back in the driver’s seat. We’ve spent over a year working deeply with customers, understanding where they feel confident integrating AI into their workflows, and where they have anxieties and concerns. The biggest takeaway that we’ve heard is this: Customers want to have the ability to control, configure, and selectively apply AI in their workflows. We agree with this.

Over the next 6-12 months, we plan to continue our AI strategy to further increase the efficiency and impact these programs have for Delighted customers. This includes development in the space of AI-powered:

(1) Analytics;

(2) Survey creation; and

(3) Survey program optimization.


AI would simplify the CX survey management and measurement practices. We expect CX and AI to dominate the conversations in customer-focused organizations with a strong principle of running their businesses with happy people and happy employees. Qualtrics AI + Delighted provides a consolidated approach to designing a personalization-focused survey that goes beyond the traditional path of digging through template libraries. With one touch of AI, you can gather relevant actionable insights on your consumers’ behavior, preferences, and interests, with higher survey fill rates for better feedback data analysis.

Watch Delighted’s AI Recommended Questions in action at the upcoming Qualtrics’ X4: The Experience Management Summit. The world’s renowned CX event will feature case studies of globally loved brands on how they solve the CX puzzle every day using best-in-class digital experience management solutions and expertise.

X4: The Experience Management Summit will be hosted at Salt Lake City in Utah between 1-3 May 2024.

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