TCI Hospital staff achieves ICRA 2.0 certification, exceeding expectations through service excellence and professional development

Turks and Caicos Islands Hospital proudly recognizes the outstanding achievement of sixteen staff members who received the prestigious Infection Control and Risk Assessment (ICRA 2.0) diploma. The certified group comprises clinical and medical leadership from diverse clinical units and front-line staff in high-risk areas.

The ICRA 2.0 certification equips the team members with valuable knowledge and expertise to work with our facilities management partner to ensure a safe and secure environment for patients and employees.

Topics covered in this training include the PCRA/ICRA process, Interim Life Safety Measures (ILSM), noise and vibration, understanding the ICRA five-step process, ICRA activity types, identifying patients at risk, defining patient groups, defining the class of precautions, the concept of standing orders, environmental testing, ICRA infection prevention measures, developing and the ICRA plan.
“The early context of the ICRA (infection control risk assessment) processes resulted in the ICRA becoming a part of prevention planning solely for construction activity,” said Dr. Denise Braithwaite-Tennant, Chief Executive Officer of InterHealth Canada -TCI Hospital.

“More recently, the ASHE (American Society for Health Care Engineering) Guidelines have described the ICRA as a proactive and integrated process for planning, design, construction, and commissioning activities to identify and plan safe design elements, including consideration of long-range infection prevention. The ICRA process is also used to identify and plan for internal and external building areas and sites that will be affected during construction/renovation; identify potential risk of transmission of airborne and waterborne biological contaminants during construction and/or renovation and commissioning; and develop infection control risk mitigation recommendations to be considered.”

She added: “The new ICRA 2.0 updated process includes a better understanding of the ICRA process, expanded definitions of work activities and areas, and a greater explanation of controls. This achievement is a testament to our unwavering commitment to creating a learning environment, empowering the team with the necessary professional development as we work together to keep our patients and team members safe at the TCI Hospital. Our certified staff members are now more equipped to identify and address the unique challenges of renovations, construction, maintenance, and repairs in healthcare settings.”

The ICRA 2.0 course was facilitated by Jose Carlos Espino, PE, MBA, M.Ed., an independent consultant in environmental health who provides services for different organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean. His clients include international organizations such as PAHO/WHO, IDB, UNDP, UNEP, Ministries of Health in several countries, and private companies in the region. Mr. Espino is a seasoned professional with more than 25 years of experience who has participated in hundreds of environmental and occupational health assessments in industries, commercial and residential buildings, and various hospitals all over Latin America.

The meticulous training and application of the ICRA 2.0 five-step process have further empowered our staff to work closely with the InterHealth Canada Construction and Services Facilities Management company team in construction and renovation projects.

This certification is pivotal in our service excellence and professional development journey.

InterHealth Canada- Turks and Caicos Islands Hospital congratulates the certified staff members and expresses gratitude for their steadfast commitment to excellence.


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