Unveiling our top customer feedback tools for SMEs


SMEs face an ever-increasing need to understand their customers better. 

To thrive and stay ahead of the competition, SMEs must provide quality products and services and establish meaningful connections with their customer base. This is where customer feedback and sentiment analysis tools come into play.

Customer feedback and sentiment analysis tools empower SMEs to delve deeper into the minds of their customers, extracting valuable insights from various sources, such as surveys, online reviews, social media posts, and more. 

By analysing customer sentiments and perceptions, these tools offer SMEs a window into understanding customer satisfaction, preferences, and pain points. Armed with this knowledge, SMEs can make data-driven decisions, optimize their offerings, and tailor their marketing strategies to resonate with their target audience.

In this edition of Tech Tuesday, we will explore some of the top customer feedback and sentiment analysis tools available to SMEs. 

Genesys Cloud

Genesys Cloud enables real-time, personalised customer experiences across diverse channels and regions, ensuring scalable operations. This software seamlessly integrates omnichannel support, facilitating the efficient management of interactions from voice to chat and social media. Its advanced features, such as intelligent routing, queuing, and robust analytics, optimise operational efficiency and insights.

What sets Genesys apart is its focus on automation and AI integration, which incorporates conversational chatbots and virtual assistants to streamline processes. This approach disrupts traditional customer service models to enhance efficiency through workforce optimisation features, including management and performance analytics, positioning Genesys as an industry game-changer.

monday sales CRM

Correctly addressing customer feedback can drive customer loyalty, retention, and revenue growth. Capturing this feedback is one thing, but robust analysis empowers teams to make data-driven decisions that can improve customer engagement, boost communication, improve strategic thinking, and increase efficiency. There are multiple ways to capture customer feedback.

monday sales CRM empowers organisations to quickly analyse and respond to feedback by centralising it in one place, running analysis, and presenting findings in an easy-to-digest visual report for all teams to use. The platform also allows multiple team members to view customer insights and be automatically assigned actions, enabling them to track everything seamlessly in a single place which can lead to a boost in customer experience.


Bazaarvoice’s platforms provide businesses with a practical and organised way to leverage authentic third-party content, which boosts sales and attracts new loyal customers at every stage of the customer journey. 

Automated emails requesting feedback and reviews on products or services exemplify how Bazaarvoice does this. The replies are handled with the help of Artificial Intelligence to ensure that the appropriate information is provided to other consumers in the best possible channels.

ipSCAPE Advocate

ipSCAPE Advocate is an AI-driven after-call survey tool that captures the voice of your customers and their NPS or CSAT score. The solution transcribes the audio and uses advanced Generative AI models to summarise the feedback, highlighting key parts of the customer experience. 

Managers can leverage ipSCAPE Advocate to unlock new insights into the customer experience through using filters to surface new trends or even customer issues as they arise. 

This AI-powered survey tool is ideal for any organisation looking to streamline and automate the customer feedback collection process while discovering opportunities and improvement areas to make informed decisions that can result in more loyal, satisfied customers. 


What distinguishes Elfsight from other feedback and survey tools is its plug and play simplicity in integration. Feedback can be collected directly from your website using a customisable survey form, available in multiple formats. Elfsight disrupts the conventional feedback collection process by offering a simple form that allows businesses to collect relevant digestible information. This encourages respondents to share their thoughts and suggestions, without being rigidly guided through numerous time-consuming questions, that don’t allow them to give the feedbackthey want.

And Elfsight’s pricing is a standout! Unlike its pricey competitors, Elfsight offers feedback forms PLUS its entire suite of 80+ useful plugins, for an annual subscription under US$120. To read more visit BestBusinessAi.com/widgets.


Qualtrics is a comprehensive experience management platform that allows SMEs to collect customer feedback through surveys, polls, and online forms. It provides advanced sentiment analysis features to gauge customer sentiment and emotions from open-ended responses.Qualtrics offers various pricing plans, including a free plan with limited features. Paid plans start at around $99 per user per month, with more advanced plans available for enterprise-level needs.


SurveyMonkey is a user-friendly survey tool that SMEs can use to create and distribute online surveys. It offers basic sentiment analysis to help SMEs understand the overall sentiment of their customers. SurveyMonkey offers a free plan with basic features. Paid plans start at around $32 per user per month for individual use and may vary for team or business plans.


Medallia is an enterprise-grade customer experience management platform that enables SMEs to capture customer feedback across multiple touchpoints. It offers advanced sentiment analysis to identify trends and sentiment drivers. Medallia’s pricing is typically customized based on the specific needs and size of the SME. You would need to contact their sales team for a quote.


MonkeyLearn is an AI-powered text analysis tool that SMEs can use to perform sentiment analysis on customer reviews, feedback, and social media comments. It offers easy integration through APIs.MonkeyLearn offers a free plan with limited usage. Paid plans start at around $599 per month.

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